What Does GSM Mean?

GSM, or "Grams Per Square Meter" is the rating a manufacturer gives a bathrobe for the amount of cotton in every square meter on the bathrobe. a low GSM rating means that the bathrobe is light and non-absorbent, perfect for lounging on the couch with a good book on a warm summer night! A high GSM rating means that the Turkish cotton robe is heavy, warm, and very absorbent. Perfect for cold winter nights! 

What Does GSM Mean?

300-400 GSM: a towel of this quality is, of course, thinner. It’s also rougher in texture than its counterparts, so wouldn’t be too ideal for use as a bath or face towel. However, its quick-drying qualities make it perfect for use in the gym or as a kitchen towel at your premises.

400-600 GSM: this measurement indicates a medium weight towel. Lighter than a premium towel but softer than one boasting a 300-400 GSM, this type is mostly used as a bath or guest towel at B&Bs and other small hotels.

600-900 GSM: this kind of towel is considered a luxury or premium weight product. Although it may take longer to dry, it’s super absorbent, kind to the skin and extremely comforting to be wrapped in, making it perfect for your guests to use in the bathroom.

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