Give Life To Your Bathroom With A New Turkish Towel Set

When was the last time you purchased new towels? If you are having to think about it, maybe it’s been too long. If you’re one of the people who find themselves thinking, “New year, new me” every January, then now is the perfect time to add “new towels” to that phrase.

While towels are designed to be heavy duty pieces of fabric, they do wear out over time. This is especially true if you have a favorite towel that you use every single day. So take a look at your towel collection. If your towel set is worn or made out of cheap materials, it may be time to upgrade to affordable Turkish cotton towels.

Take These Three Factors Into Consideration When Buying New Towels


Most common towels are made of regular cotton, and occasionally have polyester blended into them. Turkish cotton bath towels are a hugely popular option. Turkish cotton is a high-quality type of cotton. Because of the cotton plant species and the region in which it is grown, Turkish cotton is especially light and fluffy compared to cotton grown in other areas. It is also stronger and more absorbent than your run-of-the-mill cotton. Our Turkish bath towels are made specifically with combed cotton. In a combed cotton towel, the cotton fibers are literally combed during production to get rid of any short, wiry, or weak fibers, leaving only the strongest, softest ones to go into your plush luxury towel.


You might describe a towel as “light” or “heavy.” While this often refers to the thickness of the towel, there is a weight system in place that can help you determine the overall quality and absorbance of your towel. Fabric weight is measured in grams per square meter, or GSM. Towels typically fall between 300 and 900 GSM. A 300 GSM towel will be lightweight, thin, and not very absorbent, making them decent beach towels. A 900 GSM towel will feel like a fluffy warm cloud - but will also take so long to dry that it might be damp for more than a day after you shower.

At Salbakos, many of our towels and Turkish cotton robes range from 550-700 GSM. Thanks to our high-quality Turkish cotton used in the production of these towels, they are super absorbent without being too thick and heavy. For example, our Luxury Hotel Collection Turkish Towels have a GSM of 700, making them perfect for hotels, luxury spas, and home use as well. However, on the other end of the spectrum, we offer a lightweight cotton robe made of terry cloth that is only 360 GSM. But don’t think we shorted you on absorbency! While this unisex robe is lightweight, the loopy terry cloth production method makes this Turkish cotton robe super absorbent.


You’ll notice that we carry many different sizes of cotton bath towels. For example, our products range from 12” x 12” Turkish cotton washcloths to 40” x 80” bath sheets made of Turkish cotton - and we have just about every size in between. With all these options, you may be wondering, “What size towel do I need?” We’ll start with the obvious: in most cases, it won’t matter what size your hand towels or Turkish wash clothes are as these generally come in very similar sizes.

The average sizes for Turkish bath towels are 27-30 inches wide and 52-58 inches long. For example, one of our most popular Turkish towel sets is our Amadeus Collection. These 100 percent luxury Turkish cotton towels are 30 inches wide and 54 inches long, making them perfect for everyday use inside the home.

On the other hand, we offer a jumbo 40” x 80” bath sheet that is perfect for those who want extra coverage at home, the spa, or the gym. This luxury towel is super absorbent and plush, and like all of our Turkish towels is not made or processed with harmful chemicals like some cheap alternatives are. You can even take this one to the beach to help keep the sand off of you while you lay in the sun!

If you’re looking for large Turkish towels that don’t quite earn the “jumbo” moniker, we have those too. Our best-selling Brampton Collection Turkish cotton towels are 40” by 65” and are the perfect middle ground for anyone who wants a little more coverage without drowning in soft, plush fabric - though, that doesn’t sound too bad now that we’ve mentioned it! This is one of our hotel collection towels and is fit for a 5-Star spa or hotel - and thankfully, it is also perfect for those who just want to bring some luxury into their own homes.

Choose Salbakos For Your New Turkish Cotton Towel Set

When it comes to luxury cotton towels, “Just say Salbakos!” We are a top-rated towel supplier and supply towels to some of the most luxurious hotels and spas in the world. Our Turkish cotton towels are made in our very own mill in Turkey so we can oversee every step of the process to ensure our customers are getting only the highest-quality towels available. Shop our entire collection of Turkish cotton towels today!

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