Do You Own Rental Property? Here’s How To Give Your Guests the Best Towels

Hotel quality towels aren’t just for hotels and spas anymore. With more and more people renting out their homes to vacationers, it is important to understand what your guests need. Most travelers do not bring their own towels when they go on vacation. They expect there to be towels in their hotels or rental homes, so why would they take up valuable space in their suitcase with a towel?

As a rental property owner, it is your responsibility to give your guests a 5-Star experience. This is vitally important for your business, especially since your guests most likely found your home on a vacation home rental website where they are sure to leave a review after their stay. The last thing you want is a 1-Star review from an unhappy guest who couldn’t find a clean towel!

How Many Towels To Leave Guests

While you want to provide your guests with fresh, clean, high-quality towels, you also don’t want to leave out too many. Guests, even though they may have the best intentions, view a big stack of towels as an open invitation to use them all. If two guests manage to dirty a dozen towels over a weekend, that will equate to a few extra loads of laundry you have to do before the new guests arrive.

So how many towels do guests need during their stay? The general rule of thumb is one towel, hand towel, and washcloth per guest per day. If they will be staying more than a few days and you have a washer and dryer in the unit for them to use, you can probably max out at three towels per guest. These towels should be easily available and not tucked away so guests know they are free to use them. For example, if a couple will be staying for two nights, you can drape two towels over a towel rack in the bathroom, and neatly fold the rest of the linens and leave them at the foot of the bed.

If you worry that your guests may need extra towels, you can leave them in a linen closet where guests will be able to find them.

High-Quality Towels Matter

Remember, when you own a rental property you are essentially running a business, and you want to give your customers the best possible experience. Most home rentals are handled on popular mainstream websites where customers can leave online reviews, and one bad review could be enough to make future guests choose someone else. So make your guests feel like they are on a real vacation when they stay in your home.

Part of this involves providing them not only with enough towels but with high-quality towels. Luxury cotton towels can make all the difference, especially since cheap towels can feel like they’ve been used by a few too many people.

For a rental, we recommend using white Turkish towels. Turkish cotton towels are super plush and absorbent, and white Turkish towels always look cleaner than colorful towels. Additionally, Turkish bath towels from Salbakos are not produced or processed with harmful chemicals that could, even after washing, leave your guest’s skin feeling irritated.

Go The Extra Mile

While providing guests with high-quality towels is standard practice, you can set your rental property apart from others by providing guests with a little something extra. For example, if you know your guests will be bringing their children, show them you care by providing a fun kids towel set. These extra soft kids towels are made of the same high-quality Turkish cotton that our regular towels are made from, and as always are not treated with harsh chemicals. Best of all, this kids towel set comes in several fun options including towels with dinosaurs, race cars, yellow duckies, and pink fairies so every kid will feel special.

Another way to go the extra mile for your guests is to provide them with luxury spa robes. As a top-rated hotel towel supplier, we offer high-quality Turkish cotton bathrobes in various sizes, colors, and weights. This is helpful for those who own rental homes in different climates. A rental property owner in a desert climate might want to provide a lightweight cotton robe as to not overheat their guests, whereas guests visiting your home in the dead of winter might prefer a thick, luxury bathrobe.

Choose Salbakos For Your White Turkish Towels And Robes!

When you choose Salbakos for your Turkish linens, you have the option of buying white hotel towels in bulk so you’ll always have plenty of fresh towels for your guests (and you can keep a few for you and your family as well!)

We recommend this six-piece Turkish towel set from our hotel towel collection that comes with two bath towels, two Turkish hand towels, and two washcloths all made with high-quality 100 percent Turkish cotton. However, if you want to provide your guests with a more luxurious option, our large 40” by 65” hotel quality towels are incredibly plush, soft, and durable - and are even found in many luxury hotels and spas around the world. If you have been looking for the best towels for rental properties, you’ve found them. Shop our entire collection of white Turkish towels today to find the perfect white towels in bulk for your rental property!

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