Antalya Bath Towel Set

Our Antalya Towels Collection is unlike any other you will ever find in stores!

The distinguished colors were specially had chosen for this collection was to capture the most luminous and vivid colors. We carry are the most eye catching colors in high end towel companies. Our fine Turkish Cotton weaving is what gives our Towels the most luxurious texture and feel. They are carefully stitched with 2 ply low twist cotton yarn, which provides longer life to towels. It is better than Egyptian cotton towels.

WOW with quality, colors, style, pattern, scale, finishing!!!!!!

Hotel collection concept was created to offer households strong towels for so many washings.

If you expect durable, absorbent and strong towels to use them long time, you should not dream of fluffy look and hand feel.

In fact, both can not be on same product.

So it is the perfect way to warm your bathroom, whether you want to brighten up with our towels or create a traditional pattern with a visual harmony.

You know Classic Turkish Towels as the leader in towels.

Now you can perfectly enjoy the same proven durability inside your home, along with the luxurious softness and comfort you would expect from Turkish towels.


Washing instructions:

·         Always rinse the towels before first use.

·         Warm wash with colored detergent.

·         Low heat tumble dry will keep them softer. Remember, we are not baking towels. Do not use your dryer like an oven.

·         If you observe any broken stitch after washing or drying, please contact us. All these towels are hand sewn products.


Smart and stylish combination:

·         We offer Salbakos towels and robes to go along with this collection.

·         Monochromatic color palette pairs directly from nature.

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• The plied yarn material gives the towels added durability and a longer lifespan than the average bath towel.

• The science behind why this twisted fibrous material is so strong is due to the flexibility, elasticity, weight and the tension of the long staple cotton yarn material.

• Twisted yarn towels look great too with a soft, even looking, shiny surface that won't fade.

• Plied yarn is created by a process of twisting two or more single yarns to make single, thus creating 2-ply strength absorbent!

• This same process is used to create the original yarn strands; by twisting multiple filaments together in a helical pattern to create an individual yarn strand.

• Our strong and durable yarn fibers are made by the process of twisting multiple filaments the, instead of following a helical pattern, become an individual yarn axis that then lies along the helix.

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